The Day before Creation Journal

Infuse your journaling journey with mystical inspiration with this luxuriously crafted 128 page, journal perfect for seekers and thinkers.

This journal is part of a series featuring art by renowned artist Josh Baum from the book Malkah’s Notebook: A Journey into the Mystical Aleph-Bet, written by Mira Z Amiras. Part bedtime story, part poem, part journal, Malkah’s Notebook is a love letter to the Hebrew alphabet that unlocks life’s greatest mysteries. Mira Amiras is also the writer and director of the award-winning film The Day Before Creation, a companion to the book.

In the hand-drawn illustration from the book, Malkah is pictured having mastered the art of meditation at long last. Her contemplative pose and dynamic vision will vitalize readers, writers, and thinkers of all ages.

The Day Before Creation Journal is packaged with a platinum ribbon for inspired organization, and the pages include a grid pattern for journaling and creative expression.