Tali and the Toucan — Kindle

Perfect for children just starting school, Tali and the Toucan follows Tali as she winds her way through San Francisco, watching other kids play with abandon and wishing she could overcome her fears to do the same. And then one night her dreams show her the way. But what will happen when she wakes up?

Tali longs to play like the other kids play as they tumble and swing at the park, the gymnastics studio, and the aikido dojo, but her fears hold her back. In her dreams, she can soar, but when she wakes up in the morning, she’s still scared. Until one night, a surprise guest flies into her dreams and teaches her how to make them a reality.

Filled with beautiful, evocative illustrations and honest prose, Tali and the Toucan is for any child (or parent) whose worries keep them from living their dreams—whether that’s trying a new sport, making a new friend, or climbing to the top of the jungle gym.